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The Zepto board is a certified Rhomb.io PCB that integrates the Rhomb.io modular ecosystem. This board is a modular machine focused on multimedia capable to support one Rhomb.io Core, one Rhomb.io Master Module and two Rhomb.io Slave Modules. It is not a simple computer with multimedia features, it is the most upgradable device you will find on the market. It gives the opportunity to easily assemble your machine according not only to your needs, but to your imagination.

The most common communication features such as WiFi, BLE, Ethernet and USB ports are available on board. But there are no limits on the Zepto capabilities: LoRa, ZigBee, movement sensing, GPS..., all those are available on standard Rhomb.io Modules. The only thing you need is connect them on the corresponding slots. If there is a need for more processing power, you don't need to replace the Zepto, the only thing you have to do is to replace the Rhomb.io Core for another more powerful.

As a summary, the following table indicates the main features:

Zepto features
WiFi B, G and N
Bluetooth BT and BLE 4.0
USB 6 x USB type A 2.0
2 x USB type B 2.0 (only power)
1 x USB OTG (Master Module)
SD micro-SD
Ethernet 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX
Audio Jack 3.5mm
Expansion headers 100 pins
Displays RGB
Rhomb.io modules 2 x Generic modules
1 x Master module


  • Mini-PC
  • Media center
  • Router
  • IoT
  • WiFi/BT access point
  • NAS
  • Education

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