S100 Slave RS-485 FullDuplex

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The S100 Slave - RS-485 Module is a certified Rhomb.io Module with two RS-485 transceiver IC that convert UART serial stream to RS-485, a serial communications standard widely used in industry for its simplicity and robustness. Due to the module has two transceivers, you can use two RS-485 buses independently or convert the system in full-duplex, it will depend on the configuration of the assembled resistors.

The next figure shows a 3D view for the S100 Slave - RS-485 Module.

Module Specification

The S100 Slave - RS-485 Module can be used as an interface between the TTL level UART and the RS422/485 communication bus. The module mounts two low power transceivers (ST485), each one has been designed for bi-directional data communications on multipoint bus transmission line (half-duplex applications), but combining the two tranceivers you can convert it in full-duplex. This combination is made by assembling several 0R0 resistors. The two transceivers provide of node termination resistors than can be remove by open a solder jumper if the module is in the middle of the RS-485 bus. The output differential signals are connected to a 3-pin 3.55mm screw terminal. Also, the CH1 is routed to Diff-A pins of the Rhomb.io connectors and the CH2 to EXT pins.

The S100 Slave - RS-485 Module can use the 3.3V or the VSYS rail. You can choose the voltage shorting the corresponding solder jumper. Make sure this rail is enabled on the motherboard you are going to plug this Module.



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