S400 Core NXP i.MX6 SCM

nxp i.mx6 core s400 

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The SCM-i.MX6Q is a Rhomb.io Core Module based on the Single Chip Module featuring Freescale's i.MX6Q, also known as SCM-i.MX6Q. This thin and small board, is easily pluggable on the standard Rhomb.io Core Sockets and has been designed as to be the brain of your modular system. It mainly accomplishes two different roles: power supply management and computing. The SCM-i.MX6 core is capable of managing the input power in order to accommodate it according to the Rhomb.io Standard specifications.

This board sports a small but mighty 14mm x 17mm SCM-i.MX 6Q, built using proven NXP® technology, including the i.MX 6Q applications processor and MMPF0100 power management system. The addition of integrated flash memory and over a hundred passive system components is critical to provide a robust board design, and enables an overall design that is up to 50% smaller vs. a discrete implementation.

The i.MX 6 Quad Applications Processor embedded in this SoC is based on ARM® Cortex®-A9 MPCore platform, and some of its features are a ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore 4-cpu processor with with TrustZone®, each core having 3s Kbyte L1 Instruction and Data Cache, a Private Timer and Watchdo and a Cortex-A9 NEON Media Processing Engine Co-Processor.

Two options for the SCM-i.MX6 Rhomb.io Core are available. The only difference in between them is the size of the RAM: 1GB or 2GB, using in both cases LPDDR2 memory.

The next table summarizes the main features of the Rhomb.io SCM-i.MX6Q Core.

SCM-i.MX6Q core features
ARM Cortex A-9 quad-core CPU, 32 bit
Operating frequency up to 800 MHz
NEON SIMD Media Processing Engine
Off board program and storage memory
Max input voltage 6V
100% Rhomb.io Standard compatible


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