S100 Slave 3D Gesture MGC3 130

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The S100 Slave - 3D gesture is a certified rhomb module with a 3D motion tracking based on the MGC3130 IC from Microchip. This IC uses the patented GestIC technology to sense motion and detect location in 3 dimensions.

Besides, this module counts with a PIC series microcontroller from Microchip. This is a reduced form factor microcontroller with low cost and low BOM to perform the gesture MGC3130 applications.


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Module specification

The Rhomb.io S100 Slave - 3D gesture is a 3 dimensional motion tracking and position sensor based on the MGC3130 microcontroller from Microchip. Applying the principles of electrical near-field sensing, the MGC3130 contains all the building blocks to develop robust 3D gesture input sensing systems.

It has several power operation modes that include:

  • Processing mode: 20 mA.
  • Self Wake-up: 110 uA.
  • Deep Sleep: 9 uA.

It can detect hand gestures in x, y and z axis (up to 10 cm in z axis) and 150 dpi of spatial resolution. The sensor works with 4 or 5 receivers and 1 transmissor. The communication interface is I2C and SPI.

The other IC embebbed in the board is a PIC microcontroller. This controller is in the PIC18 family components. The communications with the MCG3X30 is with SPI, I2C and or GPIO. ...The following figure identifies the main Integrated Circuits (IC) onboard. 

MGC3130 features
Carrier frequency 44 to 115 kHz
Operating voltage 2.5-3.5 V
Detection range 0 to 10 cm
Spatial resolution 150 dpi
Host interfaces SPI, I2C, IO