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Compatible Microcontrollers

Complete list of compatible hardware

Image Name / Link Description
Halley Halley is a board designed for industrial environments. It accepts an input voltage of up to 70v, controlled by an ADC and an Octacoupler. It has space for two slave modules, a three-axis accelerometer, battery, and RGB network status.
Phobos Phobos is a small board with space for a slave module. It includes a battery charging circuit and a usb power/programming connector.
Deimos Phobos' older brother. Includes 2 spaces for two slave modules
Helios Helios is a board for development and prototyping. It includes a large number of signals (more than 100 pins), as well as connectors for different peripherals.It has space for a slave module and mounts the connectors of Arduino Uno.
Hydra (coming soon)
Small Box (coming soon)
Image Name / Link Description
Duino Zero
Duino Uno
Duino Mega
Duino Leonardo
Image Name / Link Description
Quectel L86
Sub-1GHz RFM69CW (coming soon)
LoRa TM RFM95W (coming soon)
Proximity ALS VL6180X (coming soon)
Narrow Band – IoT BC95 (coming soon)
Micro SD Holder (coming soon)

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