More than 60 modules, 100% compatible
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    Make your own design.
    Make your own product.
    Make your own business.

The Core

Empower your project with a
rhomb.io core processor.


Fit your idea in your product
Designed your own PCB now.

The Module

More than 60 different modules
ready to expand your imagination.

Freedom means the opportunity to do what we never thought.

Create your new prototype, develop it and then easily change or update it as needed with our 100% modular system. Start by choosing from 3 different PCB classes and more then 60 modules which can be easily connected depending on your needs. The rhomb.io system is compatible with all major processor manufactures meaning greater flexibility for developers.

Combine the different parts you like into your system to create the product of the future.


Select the motherboard which is most suited to your design.
There are motherboards focused on hardware and software design.

Class 1

A PCB Class that allows you to connect our cores and rhomb.io modules together. This class is perfect for high-end processors and multimedia functions.

Class 2

Class 2 PCB units are made for interconnecting rhomb.io modules. They can be used as standalone PCBs with “ The Master” or for building small and versatile multifunctional devices.

Class 3

This PCB class allows you to interconnect rhomb.io to other system like Arduino, Raspberry and Samsung etc.

The rhomb.io system proves that you can quickly build and get results fast.

The most important challenges to face the loT market today are need for devices to be semi-customised or customised completely, the time to market and the cost of development.

Our objective is to provide our customers with the easiest was to design devices by pre-assembling the different ready-to-use elements into one system. All the parts are designed to be easily interchangeable making life easier for loT design teams.

The rhomb.io system is the most straight forward way to design a device from scratch and is faster than current more traditional methods so that you can get your products out into the market fast.



Customer satisfaction in the electronic industry depends in remaining competitive. rhomb.io does this by reducing the time to market and the time to profit.

Be part of a new product age with rhomb.io. Be faster, more flexible and more competitive. Be Modular.

rhomb.io's modular system allows you to build a device ready to sell. Build and easily modify devices even after the final build. Upgrade easily with new or different modules or cores.

Use a system that is flexible and allows for rapid change, use rhomb.io.